2017 New Holland SP.300R:-2WDRDR:-1200GA Sprayer/High Clearance

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Base Equipment

  • Luxury_cab~See standard equipment pages for additionalfeatures.
  • 380/90R46 168 A8/B 2WD DROP~Goodyear/Titan 380/90R46 wheels & tires. Set of four.Load index Front: 156 A8/B Rear: 168 A8/B. 30 mph.Included in base price of SP.300R 2WD Drop Box Drive.
  • DUAL KIT, 380/90R46~Goodyear/Titan Dual Wheel Kit. Set of two. 380/90R46field lug tires. Load index 168A8/B. 22” dual wheel spacing.Spacers mount to Wheel Hub. Requires installation.
  • Hydraulic axle adjustment~Front and rear axles independently adjusts from the cab.Includes axle stop kit. Not available for models with fixed axles.
  • 1200 Gal Stainless Steel Tank~1200 GALLON STAINLESS STEEL TANK
  • Electric Flush & Rinse Control~Includes electric adjustable agitation and 100 gallon (378L)poly rinse tank.
  • 120 10S 20 5 WY T~120/70' 10 Section Truss boom, 20" centers (73 nozzles) with5-way nozzle bodies - Includes caps and gaskets. No Tips.
  • Fence Line Spray Kit~Includes 2 electric 150 PSI valves with hoses, fittings, nozzles,XR8004 tips and switches/harness. Right/left switch in cab.
  • Boom Blow Out System~Uses compressed air to clean boom valves and lines.
  • Y Strainer 80 Mesh~Option to replace standard equipped 50 mesh strainer.
  • Aux Lighting~LED Auxiliary lighting kit: Includes 4 Flood LED lights in the1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th location in stadium lights in lieu of halogen,2 Long distance LED lights in the 4th and 5th location in thestadium lights in lieu of halogen and 2 Long Distance LED lightsmounted on the top rear corners of the cab in lieu of halogen,4 LED flood lights (2 on each side) in lieu of halogen and 1 LEDflood light mounted to the boom Center Section.LED work station
  • Intelliview Controller~Intelliview IV Display, Autoguidance Nav II Controller andNH372 GPS receiver.Unlocked to Level 2 (OmniSTAR / CenterPoint RTX accuracy).OmniSTAR or CenterPoint RTX subscription not included.Included in Base Price.
  • NODE WITH ACCUBOOM~For use Viper IV+ (451372, 451404) andIntellivew (449189) controllers options.For units with Accuboom. Included in Base Price.
  • Factory Freight
  • PDI
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