2015 New Holland T7.175 PC Tractor

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Base Equipment

  • NH COMFORT PACK 1 EH~Deluxe air suspension seatPassenger seatElectric armrest adjustmentBluetooth radio & speakersStandard steering wheelNo carpet
  • NH CLIMATE PACK 1~Manual A/C controlStandard front and rear glasses
  • NH VISIBILITY PACK 4~High visibility windowElectric telescopic mirrors
  • No Mirror for Trailer Hitch~Less rear hitch mirror
  • Xenon Hood worklight~Halogen Worklights & Xenon (HID) Hood LightsIncludes:2 halogen worklights on front cab roof2 halogen worklights on rear cab roof2 halogen lights on grabrails2 halogen lights on C pillars2 Xenon (HID) hool lights
  • Less high level road light pack
  • Less LH rotary beacon~Less rotary beacons
  • NO Window Bar/Display~Less window bar display
  • FastSteer Steering System~FastSteerNot compatible with auto guidance
  • 6.7L engine w/ Visctronic fan~T4B ENGINE 6.7LT W/VISCTRONIC COOL.FAN
  • No Engine side rails~Less engine side rails
  • 150Amp Alternator.~150A ALTERNATOR
  • 120V engine block/transmission~120V Engine block and transmission heater
  • Less Engine Exhaust Brake
  • MAIN AND AUX 758001~Fuel tank guards
  • Electronic Radar~Radar - Electronic Slip Control
  • 19FX6R 50Kph Full-Powershift~19Fx6R 50kph (31 mph) full-powershiftRequires front axle suspension with brakes and radar
  • 2X100mm Cyl-Cat 2/3-Tele Links~2 x 100 mm Cylinder - Category 2/3Telescoping Link EndsLift capacity is 15,873 lbs.
  • Joystick with Rocker Switch
  • 3 Electronic Rear Remotes- EHR~3 electronic hydraulic rear remotes
  • Less Mid-Mount EHR Valves~Less mid mount valves
  • Low Pressure Return and QC~Low pressure return quick couplerLess rear power beyond
  • Bar Axle 98 in.~98 inch bar axleNot compatible with dual wheel tire configurations
  • 460/85(18.4)R38 R1W-MIFITRCO~Flange or Bar - Steel WheelsMatching front tire - 380/85R28 (8241901)Michelin, Trelleborg, Firestone, Continental, Alliance brands
  • No tire brand preference
  • Class 4 Suspended MFD w/brakes~Terralock suspended axle with brakesRequired with 50 KPH, or 31 mph, transmission
  • 380/85(14.9)R28R1W HD-MIFITRCO~14.9R28 A8 HD
  • Dynamic Fenders 16.5 in. wide~Dynamic front fenders (16.5 inch)
  • Fender Mounted EDC and PTO~Rear fender mounted 3 point hitch controlsRear fender mounted PTO controls
  • NRW FNDR w/ Extremity Lights~Narrow Fenders with Extremity Lighting
  • LESS trailer brakes
  • LESS Loader Side Frames~Less loader brackets
  • BLUE SHEET METAL~Standard New Holland Blue
  • Less electronic parkbrake lock~Less engine park lock brake
  • Standard Heavy Duty Brake~Single heavy duty brake disc
  • Weight Carrier and Tow Hook~Standard front weight carrier and tow hook
  • No Ballast for rear wheels~Less rear wheel ballast
  • Mechanical Cab Suspension
  • Factory Freight
  • PDI
  • Discr Disc
  • Shop Worn Disc
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