2014 New Holland SPEEDROWER 200 Windrower

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Base Equipment

  • Self Propelled Less Header~Self Propelled Power Unit less Header
  • Cab and rear axle suspension~with 14Lx16.1 8PR rear tires. Includes rear suspension dampener
  • 600/65R28 154 R1W
  • 16.5LX16.1
  • SINGLE/16.5L~Single arm cast support for rear wheel axle with 9 degreecaster swivel. Includes 16.5L X 16.1 rear tires. Alsoincludes anti-shimmy shocks.
  • Deluxe LED Front Light Package~2 halogen road lights and 4 hi-itensity LED field lights
  • Standard Rear Light Package~2 halogen road lights and 4 halogen field lights
  • Draper Ready~Includes single and double swath delivery capabilities, tandemEDC header drive pumps, lift arm position sensors, fixedposition crop deflectors and header quick latch system.For Hay operation order windrow forming shield fromthe DIA section part # 87473378(Speedrower 200/240 Draper Ready units are only availablewith 600, 580, & 21L size front drive tires)
  • Header Quick Latch - Draper~Provides lever operated, easily accessible, header saftey locks.
  • Manual Adjust Windrow Shields
  • Chaff wiper kit~Includes two, air-driven blades mounted rearward of the radiatorand AC condenser/oil cooler
  • Cold Weather Package~Includes grid heater and controls.
  • Std Road Speed with Power Down~Two-speed drive motors. Top speed approximately 18 mph.Includes Power Down on lift arms.
  • Deluxe Cab Upgrade~Includes front and rear sunscreens,four radio speakers, automatic temperaturecontrol, and additional integrated sound supression.
  • Deluxe mirrors~Adjustable from inside the cab.
  • Delco AM/FM/weather band~Includes auxiliary input socket for MP3 player, satellite radio orportable CD player.
  • 4-Line Display, T-S Ready~Includes 4 Line Display.Also includes mounting bracket & wiring to connect IntelliViewtouch-screen display to right hand console connector.For use when moving a touch-screen from another vehicle.
  • Leather Seats~Leather-covered and heated operator's seat with air suspension.Leather-covered foldable instructor's seat.
  • BALLAST KIT 1400 LBS~Recommended for: Speedrower 130 with 30' draper,Speedrower 200/240 with 36' draper.
  • No Autoguidance Ready~NO GUIDANCE READY
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