2016 New Holland CX8.80 Combine

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Base Equipment

  • UNIV DRUM AND HD CON~Universal cast drum, beater with teeth,heavy duty small grain concave
  • WTR AX SL PL STD SL~Planetary final drive, locking differential, max road speed30kph/19mph
  • HD adjustable Rear AGR~IntelliSteer ready, 2 speed, adjustable axle
  • 620/70R42 166A8 R1W Dual~Duals, Michelin
  • SW750/65 R26 166A8
  • PLATF EXT 610MM FI~Cab platform extension 24 ins (610 mm) for duals
  • Axle extensions-10.4 in. 265mm~Axle extensions for planetary propulsion system. For usewith duals set at 30 in. rows.
  • Dual Wheel Mount~Required for duals
  • Less Radio
  • FRED MONITOR~IntelliView IV color monitor with touch screen
  • Leather operator seat~Air suspended leather trimmed operator seat with heating andcoolingLeather instructor seat
  • CAMERA FF~One camera on strawhood plus wiring, with view integratedin IntelliView monitor; connected beneath cab
  • SUNVISOR PACK FF~Rear, LH and RH sun visors. Front sun visor standard.
  • HAND CLEAN DEVICE FF~24L reservoir underneath RH cab platform
  • Header Drive 2HB SG head~Fixed speed header/feeder drive for grain heads
  • 80mm/3.15in. Lift Cylinders
  • Standard-duty elevator~Cross augers, grain elevator, and tailings in standard materials
  • Manual folding extensions~Grain tank with manually opened extensions, standard crossaugers and standard bubble up auger - 350 bu
  • 5.5M VerticalDownDischarge~Standard wear auger, reinforced elbow
  • 52" unload tube ext. std.~4 ft 4 in standard wear extension. Field installed
  • DOWN UNLOAD FF~Vertical down unloading discharge
  • Dlx Strawchopper-Manual Adj~4 row straw chopper, manual adjustable deflectors
  • No GPS receiver~Less IntelliSteer NH 372 auto-guidance receicer
  • Autoguidance NAV II Controller~Required for IntelliSteer auto-guidance
  • LED light package~Includes 25 LED work and service lights, 2 halogen work lightsand 3 LED beacons
  • FAR DISTANCE LIGHT L~Set of 2 LED lights mounted under cab roof
  • English Manual
  • Enhanced LCTSD- English~MANUAL FRED ENG
  • Comes with 790CP-15 Pick up s/n: YFS058489
  • Factory Warranty until 08/29/2018
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