2015 New Holland CR9.90 Combine

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Base Equipment

  • TWIN PITCH ROTOR~Limited number of spiked rasp bars in separation area, includesdeawning plate
  • 13.09/1 Plan,NO DL,fixed hyd~Planetary final drive, non-locking differential, max road speed30kph/20mph
  • HD adjustable Rear AGR~IntelliSteer ready adjustable axle
  • IF580/85R42 CFO 178A8 R1WDuals
  • VF750/65R26 177A8 RIW~Goodyear/Firestone
  • Firestone
  • PLATF EXT 610MM FI~Cab platform extension 24 ins (610 mm) for duals
  • Axle extensions-10.4 in. 265mm~Axle extensions for planetary propulsion system. For usewith duals set on 30 in. rows.
  • Bluetooth radio with USB, 3.5 AUX, IPOD play
  • Leather operator seat~Air suspended leather trimmed operator seatwith heating and cooling.Leather trimmed instructor seat
  • CAMERA FF~One camera on strawhood plus wiring, with view integratedin IntelliView monitor; connected beneath cab
  • COOL BOX FF 422137~12V/220V removable coolbox
  • SUNVISOR PACK FF~Rear, LH and RH sun visors. Front sun visor standard.
  • HAND CLEAN DEVICE FF~24L reservoir underneath RH cab platform
  • LF/FFA CONV ST TR M~Feeder with Dynamic Feedroll, front face adjust, lateral float
  • Fixed Speed w/ DSP~Fixed speed feeder drive with DFRRequires DFR Feeder 422675.
  • 90mm/3.5in. Lift Cylinders DSP~Required with DFR feeder 422675Required for 40ft and wider draper heads, 12 row foldingand 16 row corn heads
  • Standard-duty elevator~Cross augers, grain elevator and tailingsStandard material.
  • In-cab electric folding covers~Graintank with in-cab controlled covers, standard crossaugers and bubble up augerCR8.90 Elevation - 355buCR9.90 Elevation/CR10.90 Elevation - 410bu
  • UNL HC FOLD 9.9M ABR~Abrasive wear auger with folding end sectionUnload length from center of machine - 34ftCR8.90 and CR9.90 only
  • PIV SPOUT UNL HC FF~Angled, pivoting unloading spout
  • SG SIEVES REM~Small Grain SievesPre-, upper- and bottom sieve 1 1/8" with remote adjustment
  • Fixed Vanes~Standard wear
  • STRAWCHOPPER 4R~4 row straw chopper, PSD
  • CHAFF SPREADER CORN~Chaff spreader for installation with straw chopper with PSD(422680) and straw chopper with Opti-Spread (422683)
  • MAD + MAN DOOR SELEC~Manual adj straw chopper deflector, manual chop/drop door.For straw chopper with PSD.
  • FRED MONITOR~IntelliView IV color monitor with touch screen
  • NH372 ANTENNA WAAS/EGNOS FI~NH 372 GNSS Receiver with Level 1 activationfor compatibility with WAAS/RangePoint™ RTX
  • Autoguidance NAV II Controller~REQUIRED for IntelliSteer™ auto-guidance
  • GPS antenna mount for GT Ext~For use with grain tank extensions.
  • Desktop software for PC~Includes 1- year service agreementRequired to analyze yield data for either yield mappingor data logging.
  • HID light package~Replaces 6 roof mounted halogen work lights with HID lights.Replaces halogen beacons with LED beacons.
  • English Manual
  • Enhanced LCTSD- English~MANUAL FRED ENG
  • GPS Manual- English~MANUAL GPS-G FRED ENG
  • Awning Plate Fi~Concave de-awning kit. For use in hard threshing cereals.
  • Handheld Service Light~Handheld portable halogen service light, uses 12V source oncombine
  • 15' 790cp W/HYD Flotation ser# YES048775
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