2017 New Holland T7.210 AUTO COMMAND Tractor

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Base Equipment

  • LEFT AND RIGH758661~Left and right doors
  • COMFORT PACK 3~Auto Comfort SeatLeather covered cushions and armrest - Semi-active suspension - Active climate control that extracts humidity & moistureLeather passenger seatLeather steering wheelBranded carpet
  • NH CLIMATE PACK 5~Automatic Climate ControlRear sunshadeHeated front and rear glassesRequires 200A alternator.
  • WITH HIGH VISIBILITY~High Visibility Window
  • ELE-TEL Shatterpr RR~Heated Electrical Telescopic Mirrors
  • Rear mounted mirror to improve hitch visibility
  • No High Level Road L~Less high level road lights
  • 16 LED CAB WORKLIGHT~16 High Intensity 360 Degree LED Worklight Package
  • Less LH Rotary Beacon~Less rotary beacons
  • Monitor Mounting Bracket.~Window monitor bracket only
  • ISOBUS Class III~ISOBUS Class 3
  • Basic Steering~Less auto guidance readyNo auto guidance components, sensors, harnesses, etc.
  • 6.7L engine w/ Visctronic fan~T4B ENGINE 6.7LT W/VISCTRONIC COOL.FAN
  • 200-Amp Alternator.~200A ALTERNATOR
  • 120V engine block/transmission~120V engine block and transmission heater
  • Main and Aux with Guards~With fuel tank guards
  • 50 kph ECO CVT~50 kph (31 mph) CVT transmissionRequires front axle suspension with brakesRequires radar
  • 2X90mm Cyl -Cat 2/3-Tele Links~2 x 90mm Cylinder - Category 2/3Telescoping Link EndsLift capacity is 12,787 lbs.
  • 140 L/MIN PUMP~37 gal (140 liter) hydraulic pump
  • Joystick with rocker switchNot compatible with complete loader ready kits,options 758353 & 758354 (joystick is already includedin the kits)
  • Four Electronic Rear Remotes~4 electronic hydraulic rear remotes
  • 3 Mid-Mount EHR~3 electronic mid mount valvesRequires joystickNot compatible with complete loader ready kits,options 758353 & 758354 (mmv is already includedin the kits)
  • Bar Axle 98 in.~98 inch bar axleNot compatible with dual wheel configurations
  • 710/60R42 RIW FIXED MI~Matching front wheels (Fixed) - 600/60R30 (8870701)Matching front wheels (Adjustable) - 600/60R30 (8870601)Michelin brand
  • Michelin
  • Class 4 Suspended MFD w/brakes~Terralock suspended axle with brakesRequired with 50 KPH, or 31 mph, transmission
  • 600/60R30 RIW MAVT MI~600/60R30 RIW MAVT
  • 620MM Dyn Fr Fenders~Front fenders 620 mm wide (24.4 inches)
  • Fender Mounted EDC/PTO/ERRV#3~Rear fender mounted 3 point hitch controlsRear fender mounted PTO controlsRear fender mounted rear remote number 3 controls
  • FL CVR+7” Ext w/ Extrmty Lght~Full cover with 7 in./ 180 mm wide extensions andExtremity Lighting
  • LESS trailer brakes
  • LESS Loader Side Frames~Less loader ready and brackets
  • BLUE SHEET METAL~Standard New Holland Blue
  • Bluetooth Radio
  • Dual heavy duty brake discs
  • No Front Weight Carrier~Less front weight carrier and less front HPL
  • 6 x 65 kg Rear wheel weight~6 x 143 lbs (65 Kg) rear wheel weightsTotal added weight is 858 lbs. (390 kg.)
  • Basic Discount
  • Sell-in Campaign
  • PDI
  • Factory Freight
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