2016 Versatile 550DT Tractor

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Base Equipment

  • PTO
  • 550DT TRACTOR > Tractor Package *550DT DeltaTrack with 36" Agricultural Tracks
  • FACTORY INSTALLED OPTIONS > Audio Systems *Heavy Duty Delco Radio AM/FM/WB/CD MP3 w/2 Spkr
  • FACTORY INSTALLED OPTIONS > Deluxe Cab Package *Deluxe Cab Package Includes Heated, Ventilated Leather Seating, Training Seat, Power Mirrors, 4 Additional Roof Mounted Worklights, Reel Mounted Trouble Lamp, Monitor Mounting Bar, Audio Sub Woofer, Rotating Beacon, Under Hood Worklight, 110V Power Supply, Auto Climate.
  • FACTORY INSTALLED OPTIONS > Differential Locks *Front and Rear Difflock HD
  • FACTORY INSTALLED OPTIONS > Hitch *Tow Cable (1") Diameter, 5.3m (17.4') Connected at Swing Frame.
  • FACTORY INSTALLED OPTIONS > Hitch *Heavy Duty Drawbar Support
  • FACTORY INSTALLED OPTIONS > Hydraulic Accessories *2 Sets 19 mm (3/4") Low Pressure Couplers Set w/ Direct to Tank Low Pressure Return
  • FACTORY INSTALLED OPTIONS > Hydraulic Valves *416 L/min (110 gpm) Hydraulics Package, w/ 6 Electro-Hydraulic Remotes For air seeder use.
  • 4 chassis mounted HID 4f 4r&ROOF HID
  • E-Pro 2 w/Integrated WAAS GPS /. Autosteer
  • 6500 Series Heavy Duty Tracks
  • Powertrain Warranty Remaining until May, 2019
  • Clearview Track Idler Sight Gauges
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