Machinery Minute: T6 Dynamic Command Tractor

The T6's Dynamic Command is a 24 by 24 semi-powershift transmission, and is available on all 4-cylinder T6 tractors – That’s an industry exclusive for tractors up to 140 PTO horsepower. With 8 gears in each working range, and plenty of speed overlap between ranges, operators will be able to choose the correct range for the task at hand, and stay within that range until the task is done. So if you’re baling hay, you can select range 2 and stay within that range until you’re done baling – that means fewer stops to clutch and shift. For more on New Holland T6 tractors, visit: http://agriculture1.newholland.com/nar/en-us/equipment/products/tractors-telehandlers/t6-series-tier-4b