Changing the Processor on a Forage Harvester Variflow™ System

Video showing how to change from grass to corn, or corn to grass. The New Holland Variflow system streamlines the crop channel and allows you to tailor crop flow to conditions. The system allows you to alter the position of the blower depending on the crop being harvested. Choose from one corn and two grass settings—one for heavy, first-cut silage and a second for smooth crop flow in lighter second and third cuttings. In grass-mode, the blower is moved 8 inches closer to the cutterhead to enhance blowing performance and overall machine efficiency. For more information on New Holland Forage Cruisers, visit: https://agriculture.newholland.com/nar/en-us/equipment/products/forage-equipment/new-fr-forage-cruiser-sp-forage-harvesters